Cañón Hi Choo

Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom. Small boats in a big ditch. All the strangers were good people and all the energy pure positive. Bright Angel hike out and hours I could have lived in without end.

Cañón Hi Choo

blue skies and beaches
ribbon of river transects
stalwart swaths of stone

down jackets, dawn breeze
“Sun on Camp 7:30”
now here comes the heat

fresh coffee awaits
garlic and onions sizzle
‘crack’ in go the eggs

side hikes and tapered 
trills of canyon wrens. In lieu
of answers, silence

sweat beads on warm skin
and chilled cans—‘Pssht!’—squeeze of lime
Ice cold Tecate

red walls and big waves
brown eyes, heart-melting smile
deep sigh… hopeless crush

circling condors seek
lift from canyon rim updrafts
To be free once more

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